AIM 信息技术服务 is an IT solutions company that provides a suite of custom IT services. We provide comprehensive small business 信息技术服务 for projects including technology deployment services, data security, & 网络支持. (602) 497-2582.


Small Business 信息技术服务 in 阿兹坦佩

We’re your local 坦佩 IT services company! Do you need managed IT services for your small business? We are a company providing experienced support and IT partnership to small businesses.


Call or submit a request online today to receive a free consultation & 报价. 大发黄金手机版的 team creates a plan to fit your needs as well as your budget. Over 25 years of IT services 阿兹坦佩. 

100% based in the US with flat-rate IT support for small business.

Software Development

  • 定制软件
  • 软件产品
  • 嵌入式软件
  • 软件原型
  • 软件测试 & QA


  • 网站设计
  • Web应用程序
  • Web Content Management
  • eCommerce Development
  • 门户网站开发


  • IT咨询
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Business Application
  • Mobile App Development

坦佩IT服务 & 解决方案

Are you looking for an IT technology and service provider? Ask about our introductory special, 5 hour block of support for $299 (click for details). Read more information regarding our reliable and trusted 信息技术服务.

Wireless Security 解决方案 & 服务

Defining white-hat processes can help identify problem areas in your network and eliminate them with ease. See our services for wireless security solutions.

它管理的支持 服务 

大发黄金手机版的 它管理的支持 services experts have over 25+ years in combined experience building client & servers using enterprise database applications, as well as stand-alone desktop solutions.

网站维护 服务

大发黄金手机版的团队提供了 网站维护 regularly checking for issues on your web server, 还有错误, 调试, and keeping your website up-to-date. 

升级 & 服务器维护

AIM 信息技术服务 provides top-rated upgrades and server maintenance services for small and medium sized businesses.

Secure Offsite Backup

官方 secure offsite backup services provided by AIM 信息技术服务, we’re ready for your call at (602) 497-2582 schedule an appointment today.


云服务 是基础设施, 平台, or software that are hosted by third- party providers and made available to users through the internet.

联系 us for 信息技术服务

Are you an existing customer who needs assistance with an issue or a solution to a problem?

AIM 信息技术服务 was formed to help clients enter the new era of high-tech 信息技术服务 by shortening the learning curve to allow quicker startup while increasing production and personally tailor systems that meet clients’ immediate requirements, while allowing for future growth of your business.

By using a personalized approach, which utilizes the most cost effective hardware and software, AIM 信息技术服务 brings over ten years of expertise to the solutions industry. 大发黄金手机版的 mission is to provide superior products combined with outstanding service.

We provide three (3) ways to submit your support request (in order of preference):

  1. Submit and track support requests using our secure support portal located at
  2. 电子邮件大发黄金手机版
  3. Go ‘old school’ and just give us a call at (602) 497-2582
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